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VMWare Alternatives

Oracle VirtualBox

I've been using a fairly new, non proprietary, open source and free virtual machine tool by Oracle, VirtualBox, which I've been using for a couple of years now and I've found it actually far superior to VMWare! I'll post a lot more info about VBox as soon as I have the time. VBox is my new solution for my own home virtual machine servers and it's working far better than I ever expected!

Background & History

I really love VMWare! I've been using VMWare Server for years on my old Fedora Core 5 box that
I've spent years getting perfectly setup and tuned to just what I need it to do!
The big down-side is that I can no longer upgrade the box.. Good thing I have plenty of other boxes to play with :)

My VMWare server is an ancient version 1.02, and I've been using it to run all kinds of VM's for many years.
I have even been using it to run a Slackware VM I heavily customized to run my dawgland.com website
for the last 5 years, until I finally got my hands on a box that could take over that function more permanently.


Currently, I continue to use VMWare not only at home, but every day at work.
I can't go into the details, as I am sure many can relate to, but it's nice
to be able to use and experiment with VMWare at work. I have numerous VM's
for both development and production purposes I administer and am responsible for.

I've been extremely pleased that VMWare has decided to provide the VMWare Player free of charge!
And just yesterday, I received an email with a link to download for free their new stand-alone VMWare Converter.
It allows you easily and quickly convert any hardware machine using wizards into a virtual machine able
to run on any VMWare product! And it's provided free of charge to anybody. How cool is that?!?!?!!!

Tips, Tricks, Solutions & How_To's

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