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Online Payment Options & Other Money Related Information


Although most people use their personal credit cards to make online purchases, which does have it's benefits, many online merchants only accept payments through services such as PayPal.

This section will specifically be referencing the PayPal system.
PayPal is also a convenient way to send money to a family member or friend money, especially if they use a different bank than you do.

Here is a link to PayPal

The first thing you will have to do, if you have not already done so, is to create a PayPal account for yourself. It's free, and not too difficult to set up. You do still need to have a regular bank account, however a credit card, debit card, or checks are not required for usage of PayPal. You can link your credit card and/or your debit card to your PayPal account if you choose to do so.

Part of the PayPal setup process is linking it to your bank account, so that payments can be sent from and to your bank account using the PayPal system. You will need to also link your email account. If you have more than one email account, as I do(I have a couple dozen, LOL!), pick what you would consider your main one, that should also be one of your most secure ones. Although I run my own email servers for my own domains, I prefer to use something like Gmail or Hotmail, which have multitudes of redundant backups, mirroring, etc., to ensure no data, or at least, a very minuscule amount of data, is every lost due to catastrophic failures!

Online Banking

I also extensively use my personal bank account for paying most of my bills online, all in one convenient place, instead of how I used to do it in the early days of the net, logging into each company's website to pay each bill every month one at a time. With my online banking "Bill Pay", I have all of my bills in one place, and can schedule any of my bills to be paid on any date I choose. No more stamps & envelopes to buy, and no more nasty tasting envelope seal.

I will continue to add more information about online shopping, bill paying, and other money related stuff as I have time. With the Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year's Eve, I will be having time off from work, but will also be traveling to California and Las Vegas during my Winter break from work when the plant shuts down. It sure it nice to get paid for taking a week off from work, LOL~!!!

Please stop by again often to see what other information I have decided to share with the world~! Thanks for taking the time to visit my wiki. I hope it was helpful and useful~!