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MySQL has long been my all time favorite database server, not only because is is free and open source, but because it is so stable, rebust, and scalable.
And, as MySQL database servers will run on Linux, MAC, and Windows, it is very portable and easy to use and administer.

GUI Admin Tools

phpMyAdmin - An advanced MySQl web based GUI configuration tool
SQL Buddy - A simple, yet powerful MySQL web based GUI configuration tool

Tips, Tricks & How-To's

How to backup and restore MySQL databases from the command line

How to Reset the MySQL Root User Password

Miscellaneous MySQL Command Line Examples

Simple Query Examples

MySQL Web Sites

The official MySQL Website
MySQL Tutorial #1

LAMP Solutions - Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP/Perl

Wordpress blog site, relying on LAMP
The MediaWiki software that runs this wiki (and Wikipedia)!
Wikipedia, the best online encyclopedia ever!