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Microsoft Windows Server


Power Shell

Event Viewer

Event Viewer is the logging system used by Windows. It is broken down into different sections based on the type of event being logged.

Event Viewer is a subsection of "Computer Management".

To start "Computer Management" from the DOS command prompt, type: compmgmt.msc and hit the ENTER key. Here is an example from one of my Windows 10 computers connected to my home Active Director domain:

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19043.1348]
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This will bring up the "Computer Management" window:

Computer Management Window

On the left side pane, expand the Event Viewer "tree", by clicking on the little greater-than sign, ">", to the left of Event Viewer, and then do it again, expanding the "tree" to the left of "Windows Logs", which will then reveal all of the types of Windows logs, as seen here:

Windows Logs in Event Viewer