BIND Add Host

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Here is a screenshot showing the actual commands I typed on my VM running BIND version 9.11 on a CentOS Linux release 8.4.210 virtual machine in order to add a new host to my domain on my network. It just shows the commands, but not what I did while typing these commands, which I will detail after showing the screenshot of just the commands typed. Of course, since this is a critical sensitive administrative task, you must become the root superuser, either by using the "sudo" command, as shown in my screenshot, or just as the "root" user.

Last login: Fri Oct  8 01:58:44 2021 from
[]$ sudo su -
Last login: Fri Oct  8 01:58:47 PDT 2021 on pts/0
[]# cd /var/named/
[]# vi 
[]# vi 
[]# rndc reload
server reload successful