Skype on 64-Bit Linux

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Skype is only available in a 32-bit version, so if you have a 64-bit Linux system, you will have to do some extra work.
The first step is to install the 32-bit libraries Skype needs to work:
(Note: All commands need to be run from a terminal command prompt)

Become SuperUser/Administrator:

$ su - root

OR if you are set up with sudo:

$ sudo su - root

Your command prompt should now have a # in it instead of a $, indicating you are now the root super user, as shown here:
(Note: root@localhost may be displayed as root@yourmachinename in the following examples and your display prompt might be slightly different - just ensure it contains the #)

[root@localhost ~]#

Update the 64-bit Qt libraries to the latest version before specifically installing the 32-bit i686 version:

[root@localhost ~]#yum update qt

Install 32-bit version of Qt:

[root@localhost ~]#yum install qt.i686

Install 32-bit version of Qt for X Windows:

[root@localhost ~]#yum install qt-x11.i686

Create the Skype YUM repository file using any text editor in the /etc/yum.repos.d directory named skype.repo and containing the following:

name=Skype Repository

Install Skype using YUM:

[root@localhost ~]#yum install skype

Congradulations! Skype should now work on your 64-bit RPM based Linux system!
There should now be a Skype icon in your Internet menu for starting up Skype!



If you encounter any problems and have any questions, feel free to email